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6 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas that will inspire you

Looking for a budget friendly gift idea? Then this is for you!

I partnered with some friends to host “The Gift of Giving” on Instagram. Each day, one of us shared a DIY Christmas Gift, with all you’d need to know in order to make some of your own.

Each idea is budget friendly and sure to bring a big smile to the face of anyone you’d like to show a little love and appreciation for.

Below, you’ll find all 6 Christmas Gift Ideas, but each of them would be great to give all year long!

#1 Mini Holiday Succulent Garden


This beautiful gift was created by my dear friend Caitlin, known on Instagram as The Kindred Ginger.

You will find the directions to create this gift below but I encourage you to click here so you can watch her step by step and I encourage you to give her a follow while you’re there as well. Thank me later.


  1. Begin by deciding on your design, how many gardens you’re making, and a theme.

  2. Hot glue figurines, bows, ornaments, and/or trees to a flat rock. I like to do groups of 3 items in different sizes.

  3. If using a saucer, hot glue flat rock to saucer. If using a bowl, place rock in bottom .

  4. Snuggle in the succulent and put dirt around it and the figurines.

  5. Drizzle water to compact the dirt. Add more if needed.

  6. Cover dirt with white sand and top with white pebbles.

Most items are available at Dollar Tree, Michael’s, and Walmart.

This is a budget friendly, impactful homemade gift that will last past the holidays. The recipient can simply remove the holiday items and maintain the succulent for months to come! ~ The Kindred Ginger

#2 Home Made Sugar Scrub


This gem was created by my friend Tracey. The recipe is below but she also shared all the details you’ll need to know on her Instagram. Click here to watch!


2 cups sugar

6 tbsp melted honey

6 tbsp melted coconut

8 drops essential oil

Mix together and fill your canisters. That’s it!!!
~ little _ country _ mama

#3 DIY Stovetop Potpourri


My friend Jessica, over at The Martin Nest, created this beautiful gift. She is always sharing budget friendly projects on her blog and IG.

If you would like to make this gift, head over to her blog. She did a beautiful job sharing all the details there.

#4 Hot Cocoa Kit


My friend Sarah made the cutest Hot Cocoa Kits!
For everything you need to know about making your own homemade Hot Cocoa, head over to The Haute Homemaker to follow her steps and check out all of the other amazing things she shares!
Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

#5 Cozy & Covid Free


This was the DIY Christmas Gift I created.

When I was trying to decide who (outside of my normal Christmas list) I wanted to create a diy gift for, I couldn’t help but think about the crazy year we’ve all had!

I know we are all sick and tired of lockdowns, Covid and the word Pandemic…but to allow a year like this to pass, without saying thank you to some very important people…well, it would be a shame.

So this gift was created, with those who kept working during the pandemic, in mind.

Of course, you can put your own spin on this, but this is what my Cozy & Covid Free Gift included.


I’ll share the list of items I used and some tips on how to save money while making this gift.

1 Large Coffee Mug

1 Face Mask

1 Hand Sanitizer

1 Candy Cane with Christmas Gummy

A little bag of Hershey’s Kisses

1 Bag of Nestle Hot Cocoa (I added 6 tbsp)

1 Small bag of mini marshmallows

Tissue Paper

Cello Wrap


Stickers for the baggies if you’d like.

Cup of Cozy Tag

Cozy & Covid Free Card

We made 36 of these gifts so finding good deals on each item was a must! I found the large coffee mugs, Christmas stickers, ribbon, and cello wrap at the Dollar Tree. Unfortunately, I later learned their cello wrap only covered two cups, so I suggest going to Party City or another craft/party store that sells Cello Wrap in a larger roll.

I purchased the face mask, hand sanitizer, candy canes and Hershey’s kisses from Sam’s club. They were all in bulk and much cheaper than I found anywhere else.

The marshmallows and cocoa I got at our Commissary but any grocery store would do.

If you’d like to watch how I pulled this all together, watch the short video below.

#6 DIY Mod Podge Pots


Last but definitely not least, are these beautiful Mod Podge Pots.

These were created by my friend Elizabeth, and she made them for her kids teachers.

Click here to watch how she made these! You might be surprised at the tools she used.

I hope you feel inspired and found the right gift idea to help you check off that Christmas shopping list!

If you decide to recreate one of these gifts, I would love to know! Comment below if you have any questions and spread as much Christmas Cheer as you can this year. I think we all need it.

With Love & His Spark,

Lisa Faye

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"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited. When our studio was complete, we felt beyond amazed and ecstatic!!"

"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited..."