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Banana Peel Water – Nature’s Miracle Grow!

Have you seen the Banana peel watering hack floating around the internet? After seeing it a few times and reading mixed reviews, I finally decided to give it a try after one of my friends started raving about the difference it made in her house plants. I’ve been using this method for the last five […]

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Delicious and easy to make Patriotic Desert

If you need an easy desert that wows a crowd, taste amazing and saves you time, this is it! It’s Patriotic colors are perfect for the 4th of July but its the perfect desert all year round. Click to get the recipe.

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Planning for the future when you’re living in the unknown

Weeks into the stay at home order, how are you feeling? My husband and I were having a conversation this morning about our financial plans and future. I know that doesn’t sound too exciting and at first it wasn’t, but when we got to the part of adding up how much we could save, the […]

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Top 4 Photo Editing Apps & Tip For 2020

If you run a business online or you love beautiful esthetics, then this post is for you! I get a lot of questions when it comes to how I edit my photos so I wanted to share some of my favorite editing apps, tips and tricks! Tip: it starts with the pictures The right light […]

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