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Why we choose the LG Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Why We Needed a New Refrigerator

Some of our DIY projects turn out beautifully … and some DON’T!

I can’t remember which day of the week it was, but I do remember, that we were having guest over for dinner that evening. Our refrigerators ice and water maker had been leaking so Tony decided it was the perfect day to fix it! I mean … how hard could it be … right? Wrong!

This appliance came with our 50 year old home and I am pretty sure it was at least that old if not older! After taking it apart, Tony headed to a local appliance store, only to find out the the parts were no longer made.

So what did we do? We used gorilla tape and covered up the now gapping hole where our ice and water maker use to be…just in time for our guest to arrive!

Needless to say, we decided it was time to get a new refrigerator! Tony even headed up to our local big box stores that day…I guess we thought we might get lucky and get one from the store and bring it right home? Or atleast pick one and be done. But in this post Covid world, that proved to be no easy task!


You can probably guess which appliance I had my heart set on. Cafe Appliances! So expensive but so beautiful! With a new kitchen remodel in mind, we decided to go for it and get their top of the line! I mean, isn’t this one gorgeous refrigerator?!

Unfortunately the dream was short-lived! I guess it was the pressure of knowing we had company coming that night but here is the first mistake we made and are sharing in hopes that you won’t do the same!

We measured the space where the refrigerator would have to go but since we were in a rush to get it ordered, we forgot one very important measurement. If you are going to buy a brand new refrigerator be sure to measure the depth along with the height and width of the space it will fill.

Since we are in an older home, our cabinets are not very deep at all! So we can only fit a counter depth refrigerator. Fortunately we purchased this through Home Depot and they allowed us to return it without any questions asked (shout out to the Fayetteville, NC Skibo Rd Location). After that mishap, we decided to take our time and really do some research into all counter depth brands and models. In the end, we narrowed it down to the Cafe counter depth model and the LG Thin Q series.

First the one we didn’t choose: The difference is pretty obvious, the Cafe counter depth option doesn’t come with the second convertible drawer or the beautifully designed interior and that was a huge setback for me. I know it may sound crazy but knowing that the standard depth was not only beautiful on the outside but it was also unique on the inside, made it worth the extra cost. I’m not sure why they don’t have the option to upgrade the counter depth model but it made me not want to pay the extra cost when I felt like I was getting less.


The LG 4-Door French Door Refrigerator w/ InstaView, Craft Ice in PrintProof Black Stainless Steel,(23 cu. ft Counter Depth).


I would be lying if I told you that this decision was easy! In fact, after we returned the Cafe Appliance Refrigerator, it took a month or more to decide on the one we would get. So here’s what it came down to.

Although my heart still wants Cafe Appliances someday, it wouldn’t make since for the home we are in. Although we purchased this home with forever in mind, we’ve quickly realized we love moving and may or maynot stay here forever, which greatly impacts the decisions we make when it comes to upgrades.

For the Cafe Appliance I wanted, we would have had to reposition the doorway in our kitchen and purchase new cabinets to adjust for the refrigerators depth. Needless to say it is extremely expensive to purchase new solid wood of the same quality. Although we will be remodeling this space, the cabinets and overall floor plan are definitely features we plan to keep.

If we choose the Counter Depth Cafe Appliance, we would have lost the interior design, the convertible drawer and flat bread freezer compartment.

The LG gave us the convertible drawer, a craft ice maker in the freezer drawer and a fun insta view drink space to store our drinks so guests don’t have to open the entire refrigerator each time they want something cold to drink. It also came with a separate compact stand alone freezer that we have already put to good use. Another thing we kept in mind, was the fact that we will have to replace the other appliances soon. Using the same LG line, we will get beautiful matching appliances for less… and that just makes sense for us.

Don’t get me wrong, LG Thin Q appliances come with their own hefty price tag, but when compared to the other brands out there, LG offered more options with a sleek design that warranted the extra cost.


In the end, be sure to measure your space accurately and then truly think through all of the pros and cons before choosing any of your kitchen appliances or home upgrades. It’s easy to get your eye on something because it’s popular or the style you love right now, but take your time and determine whether or not it will truly function the way you need it to every day in your space.

This is the first new item in our kitchen remodel and its making me itch to get started on this project! If you are interested in any of these appliances, just tap on the photo below to check them out.

I hope you found this helpful and that you find the appliances that are right for you and your space. If you have any questions this post didn’t anwser please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

We look forward to sharing more of our kitchen remodel soon but keep your eye out for our bathroom refresh project first. That’s what we are currently working on.

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"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited..."