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Summer Style 2020

My girl Caitlin inspired me with her post last week so I went and shopped my own closet!

If you haven’t checked out her blog post, Not so basic basics, Summer Capsule, go read it and follow her! She is hilarious and full of great content and style.

Shop your closet

The first thing I did was take her advice. I shopped my closet!

Sadly, I’ve put on a few pounds so a few items didn’t fit. Sad but true. So, if this has happened to you too, find those pieces that do fit and pull them out!

Seeing your options laid out on the bed will help you create a few new looks.

The Jeans

Jeans are definitely a must have for me, even in the summer!

I am a curvy girl…meaning…I’m small but I have a big behind that doesn’t fit into any ole jean if you know what I mean. If you share my shape, here are two pair of jeans that are perfect for a smaller waist and a bigger behind!


Buy the Staple Pieces

When I shop for a staple item, I am looking for something that can be used year after year and in many different ways.

I needed to purchase a few new staple pieces for the summer and I found some great deals that I’m excited to share with you!


I purchased new tops from Walmart, Target and Amazon but my favorite hands down, are the shirts from Walmart!

The shirts from Walmart are not see through, are great quality and are made in a boyfriend cut.

They aren’t crop tops but they are shorter than your average shirt and pair perfectly with jeans, shorts and even skirts!

I normally wear a size small/medium but I wanted a baggier look so I went with a size large in all of the colors except for the green. I got a medium in that one so I could show you the difference.

They have even more colors then these to choose from but these colors are my favorite.

Each look amazing with any jeans!




Oh, can’t forget this Universal Threads top from Target!


I absolutely love the fit and color but the material is a lot thinner. Still an amazing piece that I know I will get a lot of use out of.

I also found these jeans from Target as well.


The Maxi Skirt

I am not the biggest fan of shorts but I love a good skirt! The classic look of a skirt can be dressed up or down but right now I’m sharing a couple of casual looks.

The first look is a simple…front tuck, a hat, cute shoes and your done!


Add a jean jacket, grab a hair tie to create that front knot on the shirt, and you’ve got a totally different look!


You could also tuck the shirt and add a belt for another look as well.

The Linen Pant

Let’s ignore the fact that these are a little snug and focus on the flexibility of this summer staple!

It’s one of the first pieces I grab when going on vacation! They look great dressed up or down and they can go from a super hot summer day, straight into a cool evening breeze by the beach!

Who else wished they were at the beach right now?!


First look is two of the power basics! A great tank that can be worn alone or under anything and of course our linen pant.

Then, for the cooler evening, grab a cute, light weight sweatshirt!


Of course I couldn’t leave out the good ole Walmart shirt in one of my favorite colors!


Last but not least, I hung up a few more looks to share today.

I will be sharing more soon! Just waiting on a few packages to arrive!


These skirts can be worn with a tank or tee, and of course, the classic look of jeans and a tee is always in style.

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"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited. When our studio was complete, we felt beyond amazed and ecstatic!!"

"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited..."