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Mothers Day Gift Guide 2020 – By Love Language

It goes without saying that this Mother’s Day will more than likely be a little different for most of us.

Depending where you are and where your Mother is, you may or maynot get to physically see her. So, how can we celebrate our Mothers during a time in our history that is so different and scary for so many of us?

To spark your creativity, I’ve put together a few gift ideas for Mothers Based on their love language.

To get started, I want to share a few ideas that won’t be linked or cost you any money at all!

It’s the thoughtful actions that count most


I am an Army wife so I have spent many holidays away from my family, including Mothers Day. So the first thing I thought of, is what we can do for our moms if we live far away or we are close but feel the need to keep distance a little longer for their safety.

Words of affirmation: A Mother always wants to hear that they did a great job! They want to know that you love them, that you see them, that you care. It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I truly appreciated all that my Mother went through. When my kids become teens, I felt even worse about the mess I put my poor Mother through. I have apologized many times but I will never be able to express my love for my Mother enough! So write your Mom a heartfelt letter! Take the time to tell her how much she means to you. It’s free but it’s priceless!

You could also record a special message for you Mom so she can see you and hear you. Send it over text or email. It’s free but sure to make your mom feel special.

Acts of service: Maybe your Mom is older and you don’t want to be too close because you don’t want to possibly get her sick. Is there something she needs that you can do for her? Maybe it’s getting her groceries, picking up her medicine or cutting her grass. Maybe her car needs to be washed or some flower beds tended to. If you don’t have extra cash, it’s ok, there are so many ways to show Mom just how special she is while speaking her love language.

Quality Time: If you can physically be with your Mother on Mother’s Day, then do it. Make her a meal, take her out if things are opening back up in your area. More than likely, she is dying to get back out there as much as you are. So pack the hand sanitizers and mask and plan a special day, just the two of you. Go shopping, out to lunch or to a movie. Either way, ask yourself, “what does my mom truly enjoy doing?” Then do that WITH her. She just wants time with you so it can be totally free and she wouldn’t care.

Physical touch: I know this one could be a tough one for the reasons already mentioned, but if this is your moms love language and you will be able to be near, be sure to give her lots of hugs, touch her shoulder while you are with her, rub her back and tell her you love her. Even if you need a mask and gloves, no matter what kind of gift you choose, make sure you add in some love through physical touch, that is more than likely needed more than ever.

Gifts: Is your Moms love language gifts? If it is, try to think about something she has mentioned lately. Something she simply wanted or something she really needed. If she hasn’t said anything, think about what she really likes, needs or tends to gravitate too but won’t get herself or needs a new one of. Does she love to travel and need new luggage? Plan a little trip or just get her some luggage. Does she need a new apron, pair of shoes…you get the point.

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2020

I have linked a few items from Nordstrom first because they are currently on a major sale. Hopefully, these will get your juices flowing!

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A few other options, especially if you can’t be with Mom on this special day.

  • Send her favorite flowers or potted plant.

  • Edible arrangements are always a fun treat.

  • Create a photo album and have it sent! You can try the Neveo app! Your first album is only 99cents! Then you can use the code FAMILY for a 25% discount on the next one!

Does your Mom love the Ocean? Send her one of these prints! You’ll be supporting a small business owner and gifting your mom something beautiful at the same time!

Use code LISAMEDINA for 25% off all orders




I hope you found this gift guide helpful and encouraging. We all have different love languages, if you aren’t sure which one is your moms, think about how she tends to show you love. More than likely, that’s how she craves to receive it back.

Be sure to share this post, click like and comment below. Was this helpful? Do you know your Moms love language?

With Love,


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"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited..."