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Faith & Fear

We all see fear a little differently.

Fear isn’t just being afraid that a boogeyman is hiding under your bed, it takes on many shapes, if you will.

Some people refuse to admit they have it any fear at all, so they put up a tough exterior, when in reality, they are terrified to let people too close. While others listen to the news and lock it down in fear of the next coronavirus.

Then there are those of us who will try to power our way through it and others who will surrender and humble ourselves at the feet of Jesus, asking for his help because we realize how much we need it.

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Why do you think Fear not is the most mentioned command in the bible? 365 times its mentioned, one reminder for everyday of the year.

I believe God wants us to fully rely on him.

He knows the beginning from the end and he wants our complete surrender…but if you’re like me and love to be in control…it can take a long hard process for God to get you to this point.

After many years of God working on me, last night, as I decided to trust God and sleep through the Tornado in Nashville Tennessee, instead of staying up in fear, I realized that God truly has done a great work in me.

Please know I am not taking lightly what happened here in Nashville, it is heartbreaking and I am very grateful to be alive and praying for the families of those who didn’t make it. So please hear my heart.

I know that I can’t control the weather or when I die but I also know that God controls it all.

This doesn’t mean being naive and not using wisdom, so let’s make that clear. I was in a building alone, one that I don’t normally live in and I didn’t know of anything else I could do but stay put.

My point is, I could of completely freaked out, staying up wondering what would happen but I felt an extreme peace as I said a quick prayer asking for God’s protection. Then I laid down excepting that Gods will be done and I slept like a baby. That’s what our God does in return for our surrender.

When you fully surrender to the plan that God has for you and you believe it’s good, then you don’t have to fear.

Even if it falls apart here on this earth, your promise is greater!

Remember that friend, this is only the beginning and our end is good no matter what.

Whether we choose to trust God or not, we will all suffer losing someone we love, along with many other pains on this earth. So why wouldn’t we run to Jesus to bring us peace and hope amongst it all?

Why do we worry, God knows what we need? He knows our purpose. He knows his plan, so can I encourage you to try something?

Trust him fully.

Even if all hell is breaking loose around you, look to him instead.

This doesn’t come from a shallow place of judgement, it comes from a woman who has wrestled with it and finally realized I was fighting a losing battle!

And another thing…you will have days where you are tempted to pick up the fear again but that’s a time to work on your discipline and faith. Nothing is wrong with you! It’s not one and done. We are human beings. That means we are flawed but that’s why God’s mercies are new everyday.

He’s got you friend. Keep going…to him!

With Love & His Spark,


  1. Faith says:

    Such good truth!!! I love how we have 365 reminders to not fear but to trust God! He cares about us and the details too. Thank you for the timely reminder, friend!

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"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited. When our studio was complete, we felt beyond amazed and ecstatic!!"

"From the moment we found Lisa, we felt at ease, less stressed, inspired and excited..."